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Department of Civil Engineering

National Journals

Prof. Asim Kanti Dey
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Prof. Satyabrata Choudhury
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Prof. Parthasarathi Choudhury
Prof. Aminul Islam Laskar
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Dr. Asit Kumar Das
Prof. Dibakar Chakraborty
Prof. Upendra Kumar
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Prof. A.K. Barbhuiya
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Prof. Mokaddes Ali Ahmed
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Dr. Tauhid Rahman
Dr. Parthajit Roy
Dr. Parbin Sultana
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Dr. Nirmali Borthakur
Mr. Pallab Das
Dr. Nitesh A.
Dr. Arjun Sil
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Dr. Dillip Kumar Ghose
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Dr. Lakshmi Vara Prasad. M
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Dr. Debjit Bhowmik
Dr. Briti Sundar Sil
Dr. Monowar Hussain
Dr. Khwairakpam Lakshman Singh
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Dr. Prashanth J.
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Dr. Nirmalendu Debnath
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Dr. Bijan Kumar Roy
Dr. Susmita Ghosh
Dr. Subhrajit Dutta
Dr. Amit Kumar Das
Ms. Anangsha Alammyan
Dr. Suprava Jena
Dr. Ambika Kuity
Dr. Olympa Baro
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Dr. Atanu Sahu
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Dr. Kulkarni Vihangraj Vijaykumar