Under Graduate Programmes

The duration of the programme leading to B.Tech.degree is four years. The curricula for the different degree programmes as proposed by the respective departments and recommended by the Departmental Undergraduate Programme Committee (DUPC) shall have theapproval of the Senate. The departments would also prepare the syllabus of each subject containing the scope of studies and detailed instructions to be imparted which must have the approval of the Senate.
All subjects would have a lecture-tutorial-practical (laboratory/sessional) component (L-T-P) to indicate the contact hours. The tutorial (T) or practical/ Sessional (P) component may be absent in certain courses. Separate laboratory subjects (0-0-P) may exist in certain cases as decided by the Senate on the recommendation of the DUPC. All subjects will have a credit count 'C'. Teaching of subjects will be reckoned in terms of credits. One hour lecture or tutorial class is designated as 2 credits while one hour practical class is designated as one credit.
In each of the first year/ second year, there shall be non-credit compulsory Extra Academic Activity (EAA). The Extra Academic Activity may be N.S.S., N.C.C., or any other physical education. The curricula for B.Tech.programme includes compulsory Industrial training of 6-8 weeks duration after 6th semester in any reputed industry, research organization, IIT's and other reputed institutions which is assessed in the 7th Semester. The Project work will carry a total of 15-20 credits.

B.Tech. Course Curriculum

B.Tech. 3rd Semester Course Structure wef 2018-19 entry batch

Course Structure & Syllabus of UG 1st, 2nd & 3rd Semester effective wef 2018-19
B.Tech. Course Curriculum, CSE from 2018 onward
B.Tech. Course Curriculum, CSE from 2012-2018
B.Tech. Course Curriculum, ECE
B.Tech. Course Curriculum, EE
B.Tech. Course Curriculum, EI
B.Tech. Course Curriculum, ME
B.Tech. Course Curriculum, CE

Post Graduate Programmes

Teaching for the courses is reckoned in credits. Due credit is given to lecture, tutorial (theory) and practical components for a given subject. Normally for M.Tech., first two semesters have theory and practical (laboratory) subjects while for MSc/MBA, theory courses are taught in all the semesters.
The 3rd and 4th semester mostly constitute the project work for M.Tech. while for M.Sc/MBA, the project work spans over the fourth semester. MBA students undergo a compulsory summer internship after second semester.
Project work and Seminar are essential part of the curricula. Class tests, assignments, tutorials, vivavoce, laboratory assignments, etc., are the constituent components of continuous assessment process and a student must fulfil all these requirements as prescribed by the teacher/coordinator of the subject.

M.Tech in Artificial Intelligence course curriculum
Course Structure of M.Tech. in Renewable Energy
PG 1st semester Course Curriculum & Syllabus effective from 2019 entry batch