राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान, सिलचर


    Student OutReach:
    Ankit Borgohain Civil Engg. 3rd 2019 Mitacs Globalisk Research Internship, to work on summer research internship entitled FRP-Reinforced Concrete Columns under Cyclic-Reversed Loads with Ehab El-Salakawy at University of Manitoba - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 12 weeks duration
    Kshitij Mehrotra Mechanical Engg. 3rd Nanyang Technological University (NTU) India Connect Program for 2 months
    Ayush Singh Beruvar Mechanical Engg. 3rd Nanyang Technological University (NTU) India Connect Program for 2 months
    Hladini Agnivesh Electrical Engg. 3rd Selected for the ERASMUS+ exchange program from NIT Silchar to undertake her 6th semester study at Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania with credit transfer
    Rezaul Hussain Electrical Engg. 3rd Awarded with a VERBAL COMMENDATION for the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisations (UNESCO) committee at Bali International Model United Nations, Indonesia.
    Shikher Chitransh Srivastav Civil Engg. 3rd Selected for SAARC Internship Programme, Nepal

    Software Edition of SIH 19 (Hackathon):
    Team Name
    Team Members & Scholar ID
    Problem Statement
  • Satashree Roy (17-1-5-010),
  • Khushbu Maloo (16-1-5-030),
  • Samim Jahin (16-1-5-046),
  • Navneet Gangwar (16-1-5-053),
  • Prakash Jha (16-1-5-054),
  • Himanshu Mani Tripathi (16-1-5-051).
  • Health Alert application for a region to track epidemics Winner
  • Saket Suman -17-1-4-124,
  • Muskan gupta -17-1-5-050,
  • Shovon samanta - 17-1-1-4-069,
  • Hrishikesh kashyap- 17-1-4-076,
  • Varcchasava Bhardwaj - 17-1-4-117,
  • Vivek Verma - 17-1-5-039.
  • Predictive analysis on medicine and doctors availability in government hospital Winner

Approved SPARC Projects:

    Proposal ID
    Granted to
    International PI
    International Institute
    995 Multimodal Machine Translation - Convergence of multiple modes of input Prof. Sivaji Bandyopadhyay (PI), Dr. Thoudam Doren Singh (Co-PI) NIT Silchar Prof. Josef van Genabith UNIVERSITAT DES SAARLANDES Germany
    266 Design and Development of Dielectric Resonator Based Electromagnetic Sensors for Efficient Harvesting of Renewable RF Ambient Energy in Smart City Applications Dr. Taimoor Khan NIT Silchar Prof. Yahia M.M. Antar QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY Canada
    405 Digital Expression of the Self(ie): Photographic Performativity in Contemporary India Dr. Avishek Ray NIT Silchar Dr. Ethiraj G. Dattatreyan GOLDSMITHS, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON UK
    1087 Investigation and development of robust control strategy for nonlinear bilateral teleoperation system with delayed communication: An experimental validation for rehabilitation of stroke patients Dr. Rajeeb Dey NIT Silchar Prof. Jason Gu DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY Canada

Approved SERB Projects:

    Proposal Title
    Granted to
    Leveraging Machine Learning and Soft Computing Techniuqes to Investigate the Raag Formation in Indian Classical Music Dr. Anupam Biswas NIT Silchar
    Design and development of multi-bit phase change memory devices for next-generation high density non-volatile memory applications Dr. Shivendra Kumar Pandey NIT Silchar

Approved DST-CNRS Project:

    Proposal Title
    Granted to
    International PI
    International Institute
    Deep Summarization Evaluation Dr. Partha Pakray NIT Silchar Dr. Benoit Favre AIX-MARSEILLE UNIVERSITY France

Faculty Achievements:

    Name of the Faculty
    Award of India-Finland Mobility Grant Dr. Subhrajit Dutta Dept. of Civil Engineering