Estate Engineering Section
About Estate Engineering Section

National Institute Of Technology Silchar (NIT Silchar), an Institute of National Importance under the NIT Act was established in 1967 as a Regional Engineering College (REC), Silchar, NIT Silchar is situated on the banks of river Barak. In the year 2002, it was upgraded to the status of an NIT from a Regional Engineering College (REC). National Institute Of Technology in the year 2002, and bestowed with the status of Deemed University by the Ministry of Human Resource and Devlopment . The campus of the institute is spread over an area of 540 acres, set amidst a sprawling landscape of natural quitness, bordered on expansive tea garden. It presents a spectacle of harmony in modern architecture , natural beauty and picturesque surroundings. The campus area has been organised in three functional sectors :
    1. Hostels for students
    2. Instructional buildings and administrative block
    3. Residential sectors for the staff
The instructional buildings have been so located that these are fairly near to both the hostels and the staff quarters.

Dean/Associate Deans

Prof. Aminul Islam Laskar

Dean (P&D) and
Professor, CE Dept.
Phone: 9957601712
E-mail: aminul[at]civil[dot]nits[dot]ac[dot]in

Dr. Dulal Chandra Das

Associate Dean (P&D) and
Asstt. Professor, EE Dept.
Phone: 9435172774
E-mail: dulal_nit[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in

Dr. M.L.V. Prasad

Associate Dean (P&D) and
Asstt. Professor, CE Dept.
Phone: +91-8133013175
E-mail: prasadsmlv[at]gmail[dot]com

Dr. Prashanth J.

Associate Dean (P&D) and
Asstt. Professor, CE Dept.
Phone: +91-7896546042
E-mail: prashnitk.hsn[at]gmail[dot]com


Mr. Sikumar Chauhan

Asst. Engineer (Electrical) and
Estate (i/c)
Phone no: 9435171653
E-mail: kumarnits[at]yahoo[dot]com


Mr. Debobrata Barman

Sr. Assistant
Phone no: 9954156920

Mr. Subasish Barman

Phone no: 9401157657

Mr. Ashok Kurmi

Phone no: 9435285810

Mr. Jiban Kami

Attendant (SG-I)
Phone no: 7578865526

Mr. Abdul Malik Mazumder

Attendant (SG-I)

Mr. Monoj Gopal Deb

Attendant (SG-I)
Phone no: 9127523091

Physical Facilites

Work Completed:

  1. Construction of Boys Hostel No.-6
  2. Construction of Boys Hostel No.-7
  3. Construction of 500 capacity Boys Hostel No.-8
  4. Construction of Girls Hostel No.-2
  5. Construction of Girls Hostel No.-3
  6. Construction of 300 capacity PG Hostel Building
  7. Construction of 100 capacity Married Scholar Hostel
  8. Construction of 100 capacity Security Barrack
  9. Construction of 50 capacity Security Barrack
  10. Construction of Production Engineering
  11. Expansion of Hydraulics Laboratory
  12. Construction of Water Supply Distribution Network along With 3 nos. RCC Over-head Water Reservoir of 5.00 lacs capacity each
  13. Construction of Type-VI Prof. qtrs.- 12 units (old)
  14. Construction of Type-V Associate Prof. Qtrs.- 21 units (old)
  15. Construction of Type-IV Asst. Prof. Qtrs.- 30 units (old)
  16. Construction of Type-VI Prof. qtrs.- 12 units (new)
  17. Construction of Type-V Associate Prof. Qtrs.- 21 units (new)
  18. Construction of Type-IV Asst. Prof. Qtrs.- 30 units (new)
  19. Construction of NABL Laboratory Building
  20. Extension of Classroom Building
  21. Construction of New Classroom Building
  22. Expansion of Electrical Engg. Dept.
  23. Construction of Eat Out Dhaba
  24. Construction of Earthquake Engineering Laboratory
  25. Construction of New Academic Building
  26. Sports Complex (Construction stopped within sanctioned amount)
  27. Construction of Dispensary Building
  28. Construction of Staff Canteen
  29. Construction of Kendriya Vidyalaya School Building
  30. Construction of Kendriya Vidyalaya Staff Qtrs.
  31. Construction of 100 units Type-III Staff Qtrs.
  32. Construction of New Administrative Building
  33. Construction of Sewerage Treatment Plant & Sewerage line
  34. Water supply treatment plant, raw water pipe line from Barak River and upgradation from existing 1 MLD to 2.1 MLD capacity
  35. Construction of CSE, ETE & EEE Building
  36. Construction of CEC Building (New Guest House)
  37. Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of 10 nos. 10 KWp SPV Power Plants (Off Grid) at NIT Silchar
  38. Supply, installation & commissioning of 100 KWp Solar PV Power Plant at NIT Silchar
  39. Construction of KIDS NIT School at NIT Silchar
  40. Construction of 2x2.5 MVA33/11 KV Remote control substation along with construction of linking 11 KV lines.

Ongoing Work:

  1. Construction of Boys Hostel No.-9 & Library Building.