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Ph.D. Admissions


The Ph.D. program is offered by all the departments. A candidate can apply for admission in the prescribed form round the year. However, the admission is offered twice in a year, during December-January and July-August sessions only. After completing all requirements, the Board of Governors of NIT Silchar awards the degree on recommendation of the Senate. The Institute admits Ph.D. students under the following categories:

(I) Regular :

The regular students are those who work full-time for their Ph.D. and may receive assistantship from the Institute or fellowship from CSIR/UGC or any other recognized funding agency or may be self-financed.

(II) Sponsored :

The Institute may admit persons who are employed in a Central/State Govt. Departments/PSUs/Reputed Educational Institutes/Research organizations/Reputed Industries for doing research in the Institute on a full-time basis. He/She should have at least two years of working experience in the respective field. The candidate must submit the filled-in sponsorship letter (FORM I) from the employer with the application for admission. He/She shall not be entitled to any financial support from the Institute.

(III) Part-Time :

This category refers to the candidates who are professionally employed personnel. They have to stay in the Institute/around the Institute at least during the period of course work so that they can attend regular classes as per the Institute academic norm. The applicant must be an employee of a State/ Central Govt. Departments/ PSUs/ Reputed Educational Institutes/ Research organizations/ Reputed Industries at the time of admission having at least one year experience in the discipline in which admission is sought. No financial assistance shall be provided by the Institute to such students.
A No Objection Certificate from the Head of the Institute/Organization, in which he/she is employed, must be enclosed with application in FORM II.

(IV) Project Staff :

This category refers to the candidates who work on sponsored projects in the Institute. They may apply for admission into part-time Ph.D. program of the Institute. The remaining duration of the project at the time of admission should be at least one year. They may be sponsored (FORM II-A) as part-time students by the Dean (R & C) on recommendation of the Project investigator.

(V) Sponsored (External Registration) :

This category refers to candidates employed in R&D organizations/ educational Institutes having adequate research facilities. The research work leading to the Ph.D. degree may be carried out on part-time basis largely in the parent organization of the candidate under a Local Supervisor (Joint Supervisor) from his/her organization, but with the overall guidance and advice to be provided by a faculty member (Institute Supervisor) of the department in which he/she is registered. A consent letter along with bio-data of the proposed local supervisor must be enclosed with the application for admission. Sponsorship certificate (FORM III) from the Head of the organization where the candidate is employed must be enclosed at the time of application. No financial assistance from NIT Silchar shall be provided to such students.

(VI) Institute Employees :

Institute employees (regular and contract) may be sponsored (FORM II-B) as part-time students by the Director, on recommendation of the Head of the Department of the concerned employee. A contractual employee may continue with his/her Ph.D. program even after his/her tenure of appointment or his/her contract is terminated.


Minimum duration of the Ph.D. Program, excluding dropped semester(s)/maternity leave, are as follows:
(a) Full-time students with Post Graduate degree shall have to be enrolled for a minimum period of four semesters.
(b) Part-time students with Post Graduate degree shall have to be enrolled for a minimum period of six semesters.
(c) Full-time students with Bachelor degrees shall have to be enrolled for a minimum of period of six semesters.
(d) Part-time students with Bachelor degrees shall have to be enrolled for a minimum of period of eight semesters.
Maximum duration of the Program, including all granted leaves, will be 6 years from the date of admission for full-time students and 7 years for part-time students. Unless the Senate otherwise allows, the registration of a student shall stand cancelled automatically after the expiry of stipulated duration.


Students for admission into Ph.D. Program in Engineering Departments must satisfy one of the following criteria:
(i) M.E./M.Tech. or equivalent in an appropriate area with a minimum CPI of 6.5 (on a 10 point scale) or equivalent (60% of marks). For SC/ST candidates, a minimum CPI of 6.0 (on a 10 point scale) or equivalent (55% of marks).
(ii) B.E./B.Tech. with an excellent academic record and with a CPI of at least 8.0 (on 10 point scale) or equivalent (75% of marks). For graduate from IITs/NITs, the minimum CPI requirement is 7.0 (on 10 point scale). For SC/ST candidates, there is a relaxation of 0.5 CPI or 5% of marks.

Students for admission into the Ph.D. Programs in Science and Management Studies Departments must have a Master degree in the relevant discipline with a minimum CPI of 6.5 (on a 10 point scale) or equivalent (60% of marks). For SC/ST candidates, a minimum CPI of 6.0 (on a 10 point scale) or equivalent (55% of marks).
Students for admission into the Ph.D. Programs in Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Department must have a Masters degree in any field a minimum CPI of 6.0 (on a 10 point scale) or equivalent (55% of marks). For SC/ST candidates, a minimum CPI of 5.5 (on a 10 point scale) or equivalent (50% of marks).

Admission Procedure

Admission to all the categories of students is made on the basis of a written test and/or interview and/or performance in the qualifying examinations to be evaluated by the departmental admission committee. The departmental admission committee shall be constituted by the Departmental Ph.D. Monitoring Committee (DPMC). The admission committee members shall consist of at least one faculty member from each of the specialization areas in which the department awards Ph.D. degree. In addition to this, faculty members from other department may also be inducted in this committee. The Head of the concerned Department shall be the ex-officio Chairman of the committee. An institute level Ph.D. admission committee (IPAC) shall scrutinize the candidatures of the candidates recommended by the Departmental Admission Committee. Candidates shall be admitted after approval by the Chairman, Senate and on recommendation of the IPAC and payment of the prescribed fees.


No. of seats is not limited. A candidate from any category found suitable by the Institute Ph.D. Admission Committee is admitted. However, the minimum eligible criteria for SC/ST candidate is relaxed as per Govt. norms.

Guidelines for Ph.D. Scholarship Enhancement

Ph.D./PG Thesis Preparation & Submission Gudelines

Rules & Regulations

Ph.D. Regulations (w.e.f. July, 2014)

Ph.D. Regulation (upto June-2014)



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Course Structure

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Provisionally Selected Candidates for Ph.D. Admission, Jan-June '2018 session

Provisionally Selected List of Candidates for Ph.D. Admission, Jan-June '2018 session (in various departments)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which departments of the Institute offer Ph.D. program?

2. What are the eligibility criteria for admission into Ph.D. program with respect to each department?
Ans: Please see the Regulations in the Institute website.

3. What are the financial support options available to Ph.D. students?
Ans: For the fulltime students of engineering departments with M.E./M.Tech. and students of other departments/students of engineering department with B.E./B.Tech with valid NET/GATE score, full Scholarship/Assistantship is available. However, upto a maximum of 24 students in an academic year and subject to availability of fund, Rs. 10,000/- PM is also admissible for students in science/humanities and social sciences departments without valid NET/GATE score.

4. What is the maximum and minimum duration of the program?
Ans: Please see the Regulations

5. Can a student pursue Ph.D. in non-regular or part time mode?
Ans: Yes, please see the Regulations for details

6. Can a student convert from regular to part time and vice –versa?
Ans: Yes and depending on the genuineness of the situation

7. What is the fee structure of the Ph.D. program?
Ans: Available in the Institute Website.

8. Is the student provided any accommodation within the campus?
Ans: Yes, subject to availability.

9. Is there any accommodation provision for the married scholars?
Ans: Yes, subject to availability.

10. Is there any financial assistance for participating in national and international seminars/conferences/workshops etc. both within and abroad?
Ans: Yes, only within the country using contingency grant.

11. What is the maximum period of leave that a student is entitled to avail in a calendar year?
Ans: please see the Regulations provided in the Institute website.

12. Can a student request for a joint supervisor from a different institute?
Ans: Yes, depending upon the credibility of the joint supervisor it may be permitted

13. What is the number of publication needed for submitting the thesis? Is there any specific requirement with respect to the publication?
Ans: Minimum two journal papers are required, out of which atleast one paper is required to be included in the Thomson Reuters Citation Index of respective stream (Engineering, science, arts and humanities & social sciences)

14. Do the students get leaves to carry out field survey/work in our reputed labs?
Ans: Yes, please consult Leave Rules of Ph.D. Regulations

15. Are the scholars required to perform any academic duty along with their research work?
Ans: Scholarship holders are to perform academic duties 8 hours per week.

16. Does the Institute provide in-campus medical facilities?
Ans: Yes.

17. Is there any entrance exam or interview for getting into the Ph.D. programme?
Ans: Please see the admission procedure

18. How do I get the application forms?
Ans: Available in the Institute website.

19. I am currently working in an organization. I can get a maximum of 2 years of leave to pursue Ph.D. What category should I apply under?
Ans: Part-time.

20. How do I select my guide? I want to work with faculty “XYZ”. How can I ensure that?
Ans: see clause 7.1 of Ph.D. Regulations.

21. Is a valid NET/GATE score mandatory?
Ans: Not mandatory for admission purpose

22. Is work experience mandatory?
Ans: No.

23. Is my score and back ground is sufficient to get admission?
Ans: No

24. What's the difference between full-time and part-time admissions for the Ph.D. program? Are my chances better if I pick one or the other?
Ans: Category has nothing to do with chances of admission

25. Do I need to have done some research beforehand?
Ans: Not necessary.

26. Can I join PhD directly after B.E./B.Tech.?
Ans: Yes, but have to fulfill some additional criteria [See Regulation].

27. I wish to apply for 2 departments, should I apply in a single application or should I have to fill two separate application forms?
Ans: Separate applications with separate procession fee

28. Is TA/DA paid for attending the written test/interview for admission?
Ans: No

29. Do I need to have done some research beforehand?
Ans: Not necessary.

30. What will happen if I miss the application deadline?
Ans: Normally, applications are accepted throughout the year, but admission is permitted only twice in a year. In such cases, the concerned Head of the department may be contacted.