राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान, सिलचर

Gymkhana Activities

The institute recognizes the extracurricular activities as a part to students’ life and hence well-equipped facilities for games and sports are provided within the hostels premises, in other general locations and in the student activity center. Hostels are equipped with most of the indoor games facilitates. The student activity center is used as an indoor stadium. A well laid fenced playing ground is used for outdoor games and tracking events. Besides these, students, faculty and staff have facilities for playing Tennis, Basketball, and Volleyball etc. Inter-hostel cricket, football and volleyball events are regularly conducted in the institute. Inter-college cricket, football and volleyball events are also regularly conducted in the institute. Gymnasium center housing modern keep-fit and gym equipment was in operation during the period of reporting. Apart from academic activities, NITians are very enthusiastic in games and sports. Students play football, volleyball, basketball, cricket and others games. Generally at weekends or during holidays internal competitions are held. Regular events like inter-hostel tournaments in various games took place during the year under review as well. Besides this, students participated in competitions organized on the occasions of Republic Day, Independence Day, etc. Various quizzes, debates and technical competitions are held under the banner of various societies. NITS also organizes annual technical and cultural festivals respectively called the Technoesis and Incandescence where students enhance their technical as well as cultural skills.