ज़िन्दगी के सफर में
								"सामने से तेज़ चल",
								कभी डगमगा जाओ तो
								"आराम से",
								कुछ गलत हो जाये तो
								"कदम बदल",
								जो बुरे वक़्त में साथ दे उनको
								"सैल्यूट करना,सैल्यूट कर",
								व्यस्त समय में अपनों के लिए
								"लाइन तोड़",
								दोस्ती करने से पहले
								और आख़िर में हँसते हुए,
								"आज के लिए विसर्जन"

-Kishore Krishna (SUO), Batch of 2017

"Somewhere,someday,i will surely remember my second family. Good memories are like charms, each is special,you collect them, one by one."

-Dev kumar (civil), Batch of 2016

"I was very much motivated from my school days for NCC and now also I do. It made me a confident person and gifted best juniors. Do the best what you can."

-Rajan kumar, Batch of 2016

"Seek perfection far yourself and lupiness far others."

-Sanjay , Batch of 2017

"Thank you for accepting me as a part of NCC NITS family.You give me affection/love,thank you for that."

-Sonu kumar, Batch of 2017

"Maintain your academic pointer,it matter a lot.Enjoy the college life."

-Raman Bharti, Batch of 2017

"It was really a nice experience for me to be a part of NCC NITS. I wish you all guys achieve all your dreams"

-Prashant srivastava, Batch of 2017

"NCC NITS, It is not just an organisation of group of students to do some work either it is given to them or willingly they do it for the betterment but is also a family where everyone is connected to each other not only for work or purpose but the connection somehow makes the feeling of member of any family. I wish you all a very happy and prosperous life ahead.Work smartly and reach to a high level.Always be together and help each other.With these words ,Good bye everyone. I will miss you guys."

-Dinesh Divakar, Batch of 2017

"Enjoy college life!Follow your dreams and all the best for the future!!"

-Shubhayam Das, Batch of 2017

"No dream is too big.Keep chasing."

-Binod kr.Anand, Batch of 2017

"Forever, to all the beautiful soul,prosper,live & make the best of every moment. Best of every moment & hope is the best of all things that never fade. Hope to see you healthy,sound & forever Happy. "

-Saurov Ghosh(Civil engg), Batch of 2015

"If NIT was my life in last four years,then NCC was definitely the 'Heart' of it. I wish all my fellow NCC mates a very happy and prosperous life. I'll miss you people. 'kabhi Albida na kehna,milte rahenge'"

-Prawal Kakati, Batch of 2016

"Life is too short to be spent away in sad emotions.Live each moment to its fullest and give happiness to others. Even if you are not in the Picture,be the reason for that picture to be beautiful.Best wishes for all the moments ahead. "

-Anuj Agarwal, Batch of 2015

"All of us are going to die one day. Only the one who realises it and accepts it can enjoy the gift of life. Live, Enjoy every moment of your life, Fall in love, Sing, Laugh, Travel, Meet random people, Don't fear."

-Joydeep Biswas,Batch of 2016

"Love your work. Respect your parents. Never give up in life. "

-Mayank Garodia,Batch of 2017

"To all...Just late to bed, early to rise, work like hell and Advertise.... Wherever u go ... Follow the above and u will never repent . Thanks a lot. "

-Sanjog Sah,Batch of 2016

"NCC NITS has been an integral part of my college life from day one to the last day. It is simply amazing to see how much this fraternity has grown with each person's dedication and efforts. "

-Shruti Datta Gupta,Batch of 2017

"Have fun! Stay true to yourself! Be sincere! And always remember, Unity and Discipline!!. "

-Shubhayan Das,Batch of 2017

"NCC has taught me the value of discipline and teamwork in life. I consider myself lucky that i was associated with NCC for the four awesome years of my life. It feels great to see that my friends are working hard to make NCC NITS better than they had found it. May this spirit be alive in NCC NITS forever! Long Live NCC NITS!"

-Lovepreet Singh,Batch of 2016

"Each generation is smarter than its previous . So believe in yourself that if my seniors have accomplished a great thing then I can accomplish The Greater and The Greatest. "

-Abhishek gaurav,Batch of 2017

"NCC NITS has given me a lot. My journey in NCC began only after coming to NIT Silchar. I never knew before the pride and the knowledge one gets being involved in NCC. It taught me to be more confident, My message for the youngers will be that don't take NCC as a burden. I'll say that you are lucky if you get that chance to be involved in it and you'll get to know the importance of it laterwards. With lots of love and best wishes to the NCC team! "

-Luna Phukan,Batch of 2017

"**Jay Hind** NCC NITS group is not a group , but its like a family. I have achieved a lot from NCC NITS . I will always remember those camp days, getting up early in the morning ,full uniform, lunching together, drilling. I miss those days, the drill sessions, the NIC , ATC , SSB Capms. I hope my experience serves as inspiration for many other bright young cadets out there. Now it's a very reputed and respected group of NIT Silchar and i am sure it will be always the heart of NIT Silchar. I wish the best to my juniors who I am sure doing their duties with full sincerity . Keep the Flag of NCC flying high always. #Long_Live_NCC. "

-Himanshu Sharma,Batch of 2017

"Have you ever got to know a b c d.... of NCC. You might not have, well that comes only after you have understood this, "ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE" This is the first thing, that a cadet must learn being in NCC. This might seem easy to learn, but let me tell you, it is the most difficult part to understand and most importantly practice in life. I guarantee you, at NCC NITS you will get full opportunity to develop necessary skills to use and follow this statement. All the best for that. My dear juniors, NCC is not just an organisation, it is type of a life, an honour of life in a true sense. You will realise it only after you have "lived" in that organisation with your mind and body open to confront the challenges it brings to you. Here at NCC NITS, you might not be realising the importance of being in such an esteemed organization, but once you leave, and join the mainstream, you will get to know that soon. This NCC tag (not only name, but also the qualities you have inculcated) will set you apart from others. I believe NCC NITS has a lot to learn and develop in times to come, but my dear ones, you are also the one responsible to hold the baton and lead from front. I wish you all a healthy body and mind, to make the best in challenges of any kind. #LongLiveNCC.

-Ashutosh singh,Batch of 2017