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About The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

The HSS Department has an interdisciplinary orientation and expertise in three disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences, namely, English Language, Economics and Management. The Department has been an integral part of the Institute since its inception as the Regional Engineering College, Silchar. Although the concerns of humanities and social sciences can be said to be somewhat different from the concerns of the core disciplines of the Institute, the Department strives to initiate meaningful HSS discourses pertaining to the needs of the engineering disciplines. The aim of HSS in NIT, Silchar is to bring a humane touch to technology and to assist the engineers to develop themselves within the social context. Hence the Department makes conscious attempts to address a range of issues varying from social responsibilities of engineers to culture, literature, management, economics and ethics.


HOD: Dr. N. B. Singh
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Department: HUMANITIES
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Department: HUMANITIES
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Department: HUMANITIES
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Associate Professor
Department: HUMANITIES
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Department: HUMANITIES
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The Department has started offering the Ph D programme since 2006. The Department covers a number of areas in social sciences and language like Economics, Education, Philosophy, English and Management. The Department has the distinction of producing the first Ph. D. from NIT Silchar. Currently there are 19 number of registered Ph d scholars associated with the Department.


Language Lab: The Department has a state of the art language lab to assist students to avail technically assisted language learning programme. Currently the Department is giving courses only on English language. Efforts are being made to introduce other foreign languages.

Computer Lab: The Department has setup the up-to-date computer lab with internet connectivity for the researchers. There are 14 numbers of PCs along with internet ports in the computer lab.

Departmental Journal: The first issue of the Departmental Journal The Social Scanner has been published in July 2009 in association with Society for North East Development Studies, Silchar. The journal has been widely accepted by the academic community in the country.

E-Resources: Apart from various e-journals the Department has procured the CMIE data bank on Foreign Trade, Economic Intelligence service and State Analysis Service to provide secondary data support to the researchers.

Head of the Department

Department of Humanities
NIT Silchar,
Silchar, Assam-788010, India.
Phone: 09864486742.