राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान, सिलचर


5-Days Workshop on "Electronic Systems for Mechanical Automation & Robotic Technology (eSMART – 2019)" (20-24 May, 2019)
2-Days Lecture Series: "Educational Lectures on Industry Crossover & Interdisciplinary Research (ELIXIR)" (06-07 April, 2019)
5-Days Workshop on "Deep Learning Techniques & Tools: An Academic and Industrial Approach" (08-12 April, 2019)
One-week Faculty Development Program on "Curriculum Design and Implementation (CDI-2019)" (27-31 May, 2019)
One-week Workshop on "Hazard Mitigation of Onshore and Offshore Structures (HMOOS-2019)" (26-30 April, 2019)
One-week Workshop on "Integrated Soil Water Modelling (ISWM-2019)" (08-12 April, 2019)
Technical Talk on "Optimization of Variable-axial Composite Structures" (5th March, 2019)
Brochure & Registration Form for One-week Workshop on "Recent Advancement in Microwave Engineering (RAME-2019)" (01-05-April, 2019)
National Workshop on "Modelling of Novel Nanoelectronic Devices and Circuits for ULSI Technology" (26-30 April, 2019)
One-week Hands-on Training on "Matlab Applications In Control System & Signal Processing (MACS-2019)" (18-22 February, 2019)
Brochure of 5-Days National Workshop on "MEMS Engineered Medicine: Breaking Barriers in Medical Diagnostics" (12-16 April, 2019)
Registration Form of 5-Days National Workshop on "MEMS Engineered Medicine: Breaking Barriers in Medical Diagnostics" (12-16 April, 2019)
Inauguration of "IEEE Women in Engineering - Student Branch Affinity Group, NIT Silchar" (15th February, 2019)
Industry Academia Workshop on "Advanced Materials Fabrication & Characterization Techniques (AMFCT-2019)" (04-08 Feb, 2019)
Workshop on "Emerging Devices, Circuits and Systems (EDCS-2019)" (21-25 January, 2019)
Inauguration of "IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society - Student Branch Chapter, NIT Silchar" (13th January, 2019)
Two-days Familiarization (INUP) Workshop on "Nanofabrication Technologies" (28-29 January, 2019)
Brochure of - GIAN course on "Active Control of Aerospace Structures" (15-20 July, 2019)
Brochure of - GIAN course on "Structural Dynamics, Aerodynamics and Vibration Control of Wind Turbines" (16-20 April, 2019)
Workshop on "Intellectual Property Rights & Technological Development (IPRTD-2019)" (21-25 January, 2019)
ERASMUS+ student exchange Program Selection Result
One-Week Workshop on "Synchrophasor Measurement Technology for Smart Grid - Present Scenario and Implementation in Indian Power System (19-23 January, 2019)
"Anveshan (Student Research Convention of NIT Silchar)" POSTPONED to 12-13 Jan, 2019
One-week Workshop on "Earthquake Disaster Mitigation (EQDM-19)" (16-20 January, 2019)
Winter School on "Control & Estimation of Cyber Physical Systems (CECPS-2018)" (01-05 December, 2018)
One-week Workshop on "Recent Challenges in Integration and Energy Management of Wind and Solar PV Generation under the Paradigm of Smart Grid" (17-21 November, 2018)
Program Schedule of "IEEE-EDS Mini-Colloquium (MQ) on Recent Trends in Microelectronics & VLSI Design" (3rd November, 2018)
One-week Workshop on "Innovative Construction Materials for Roads & Buildings (ICMRB-2018)" (09-13 November, 2018)
One-week Short-Term Course on "Recent Trends in Wireless Communications Challenges & Opportunities (ReTWiC-2018)" (03-07 December, 2018)
IEEE-EDS Mini-Colloquium (MQ) on "Recent Trends in Microelectronics & VLSI Design" (3rd November, 2018)
One-week Workshop on "Combustion Process in IC Engine" (01-05 November, 2018)
"International Conference on Big Data, Machine Learning and Applications (BigDML-2019)" (16-19 December, 2019)
International Conference on "Recent Trends on Electronics & Computer Science (ICRTECS-2019)" (18-19 March, 2019) by ECE Dept.
One-week Workshop on "Recent Research Trends & Future Perspective of Machine Learning in Academics & Industry" (01-05 October, 2018)
One-week Workshop on "Technology & the (Post-) Human Condition" (03-07 December, 2018)
One-week Short-Term Course on "Material Processing and Surface Treatment (MPST-2018)" (01-05 October, 2018)
"Workshop on Outcome Based Education & Accreditation (WOBEA-2018)" (30th September - 1st October, 2018)
"7th Indian Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference (7IYGEC)" (15-16 March, 2019)
One-week Workshop on "Hands-on-Training using Mi-Power Software for Power System Analysis" (02-06 October, 2018)
One-week Workshop on "Frontiers in Solar Technologies (FST-2018)" (24-28 September, 2018); Date of Registration Extended to 22-Sep-2018
One-week Workshop on "Mathematical Modelling using High Performance Numerical Computation" (29th September - 3rd October, 2018)
Three-days Lecture Workshop on "Innovative Trends and Techniques in Chemistry" (27-29 August, 2018)
One-day Springer Nature Author Workshop on "Scientific Publishing" (21st August, 2018)
Brochure & Schedule of - GIAN course on "Introduction to Design Thinking" (05-11 October, 2018)
One-week Workshop on "Recent Trends on Optimization Techniques in Science and Engineering (ROTS-2018)" (16-20 August, 2018); Registration Deadline: 05.08.2018
One-week Workshop on "Computational Technologies (CT-2018)" (16-20 August, 2018); Venue: Seminar Hall of M.E. Dept., NIT Silchar
One-week International Workshop on "Modeling, Simulation and Soft Computing (IWMSSC-2018)" (10-14 August, 2018)
One-week "Summer School on Antenna and Microwave Engineering (SUSAME-2018)" (23-27 July, 2018)
One-week STTP on "Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing" (28th July - 1st August, 2018)
Five-days Workshop on "Fundamentals of Energy Storage" (23-27 July, 2018)
World Environment Day & National Conference on "Recent Advances in Environmental Science & Engineering (RAESE-2018)" (5th June, 2018)
Brochure of - GIAN course on "Resource Recovery: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment" (27-31 August, 2018)
First NE Inter NIT "GEOTECHNICAL STUDENTS MEET" (13-14 May, 2018)
One-week Workshop on "Recent Advances in Fuzzy Optimization (RAFO-2018)" (21-25 May, 2018); Deadline: 15.05.2018
Brochure of - GIAN course on "Innovation & Technology Enterprise: Idea to Entrepreneurship" (30 July - 10 August, 2018)
Three-days National Workshop on "CMOS-MEMS Integration": From Devices to Applications (12-14 April, 2018) (sponsored by SERB-DST)
Brochure & Registration Form for Three-days National Workshop on "CMOS-MEMS Integration": From Devices to Applications (12-14 April, 2018) (sponsored by SERB-DST)
An Expert Lecture by Dr. Mohit Ray, Environmental Specialist on 28th March, 2018 (Theme: "Assessing Environment Around Us - NIT Silchar campus")
"National Conference on Advances in Structural Technologies (CoAST-2019)" (1-3 February, 2019)
15-days Hands-On Training on "VLSI Circuit Design using Cadence" (Starting from 1st June, 2018)
Edumeet on "Factory Automation and Reform of Academia" (23rd March, 2018)
One-week Training Course on "Data Acquisition and LabView Applications" (21-26 March, 2018)
One-week Short-term Course on "Recent Trends in Communication, Signal Processing and Solid State Devices" (13-17 March, 2018)
6th International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking and Informatics (ICACNI-2018) (04-06 June, 2018) is going to be organized by CSE Dept., NIT Silchar
One-week STTP on "Recent Advances on Water and Environment Studies" (13-17 February, 2018)
One-day Invited Talk on "Data Science" (25th January, 2018)
Distinguished Lecture by Padma Shree Professor Ajoy Kumar Ray, Director, IIEST, Shibpur and Professor, IIT Kharagpur on 23rd & 24th January, 2018
Brochure of - GIAN course on "Methodological Approach for Circuit Analysis of Modern Power Systems" (08-13 January, 2018)
National Conference on "River Flow Processes Modelling (RFPM-2017)" (11th November, 2017)
Five-days Workshop on "VLSI Design using Cadence" (01-05 November, 2017)
Seminar on "RETIP-2017" (Best Paper Award and Extended Date of Submission)
One-day Seminar on "Geotechnical Problems in Southern Assam-Causes and Remedies" (9th September, 2017)
Two-days "Train the Trainer" National Workshop on "Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS)" (26-27 August, 2017)
One-week Workshop / Teacher Training on "Strategic Planning, Techniques and Methods (SPTM)" (21-25 August, 2017)
One-week Workshop on "Research Methodology and Data Analytics" (28-08-2017 to 01-09-2017)
One-week Workshop on "Innovative and Contemporary Teachers' Training Program (ICTM)" (14-18 August, 2017)
Workshop on "Community-Library Inter-Action (CLIA): Libraries as Community Anchors Promoting Peaceful and Sustainable Communities" (6th July, 2017)
Workshop on "Acting for Sustainable Development: Libraries Supporting Economic Growth and Development of Human Capital" (6th July, 2017)
Photographs of 3rd International Day of Yoga observed at NIT Silchar on 21-Jun-2017
3rd International Day of Yoga observed on 21-Jun-2017
National Conference on "Recent Advancement in Geotechnical Investigations and Ground Improvement Techniques (RAGIGIT-2017)" (14-15 May, 2017)