राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान, सिलचर


National Conference on "Recent Advancement in Geotechnical Investigations and Ground Improvement Techniques (RAGIGIT-2017)" (14-15 May, 2017)
Two-days National Seminar on "ASEAN Calling: Development of India's North-East through Sub-regional Cooperation (sponsored by ASEAN Studies Centre, Shillong)" (18-19 April, 2017)
One-day Seminar on "Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunities in North East Region" (9th April, 2017)
Schedule and Session Details of "Research Conclave on RISE-2017" (24-26 March, 2017)
One-week Workshop on "Applications of Machine Learning" (20-24 March, 2017)
One-week Workshop on "Recent trends on Optimization Techniques in Science and Engineering (ROTS-2017)" (15-20 March, 2017)
Three-days Workshop on "Nanoscience and Technology" (02-04 March, 2017)
"Role of ICT in Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge in North-Eastern Region" (15-17 March, 2017)
One-week Workshop on "Cloud Computing and Network" (11-16 March, 2017)
Research Conclave on "RISE-2017 (Recent Innovations in Science and Engineering" (24-26 March, 2017)
National Conference on "Hydrology and Watershed Management (NCHWM-2017)" (24-25 March, 2017)
One-week Workshop on "Advances in Stability Analysis on Dynamical Systems" (08-12 March, 2017)
Two-days Workshop on "Speech Technology Solutions for North-Eastern states of India (STeSNE - 2017)" (24-25 February, 2017)
One-week Workshop on "Application of Optimization Techniques in Engineering & Technology (AOTET-2017)" (24th February - 1st March, 2017)
Springer Nature Author Workshop in NIT Silchar on 21st February, 2017
Invited Lecture Series on "Uncertainties in Wireless Communication" (23-25 February, 2017)
One-week Workshop on "Advances in Image Processing and Soft Computing Techniques" (20-24 February, 2017)
Two-days Hands-on Workshop on "Design of Embedded Control System" (12-13 February, 2017)
Invitation Letter and Programme Brief of the "North East Sports Meet-2017"
Solar Energy Awareness Training Programmes for North-East: (i) Energy Access, (ii) Rooftop Off Grid, and (iii) Remote Village Electrification (Jan.-Feb., 2017)
One-week Short Term Course on "Recent Trends in Communication, Signal Processing & VLSI (CSPV 2017)" (14-18 February, 2017)
Three-days Hands-on Workshop on "NI Multisim" (18-20 January, 2017)
National Workshop on "Intelligent Sensing, Instrumentation & Control (ISIC-2017)" (30th January - 3rd February, 2017)
One-week Workshop on "Recent Advances in Applied Mathematics" (22-26 February, 2017)
Two-week STTP on "CMOS, Mixed Signal and Radio Frequency VLSI Design" (30th January - 4th February, 2017)
Notice regarding "North East Sports Meet-2017"
GIAN course on "NanoElectronics Challenges for Internet of Things" (05-09 January, 2017)
"Vendor Training of Synopsys EDA Tools" at NIT Silchar during 5th - 9th December, 2016
"Swachhta Pakhwada" observed at NIT Silchar from 1st Sept. to 15th Sept. '2016
GIAN course on "Conquest of Knowledge: The British in India" (16-22 December, 2016)
GIAN course on "Fuzzy Interpolative Controller and Applications" (#161031K01) (19-26 September, 2016)
GIAN course on "Surface Engineering" (13-17 September, 2016)
GIAN course on "Mapping Algorithms to VLSI Architectures" (01-05 August, 2016)