राष्ट्रीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान, सिलचर

News Updates

Three-days Lecture Workshop on "Innovative Trends and Techniques in Chemistry" (27-29 August, 2018)
The Institute will observe half day holiday after 12:00 PM on 17th AUG 2018.
One-day Springer Nature Author Workshop on "Scientific Publishing" (21st August, 2018)
One-week Workshop on "Design and Deployment of Cyber Physical Systems" (17-21 September, 2018)
One-week Workshop on "Recent Trends on Optimization Techniques in Science and Engineering (ROTS-2018)" (16-20 August, 2018); Registration Deadline: 05.08.2018
One-week Workshop on "Computational Technologies (CT-2018)" (16-20 August, 2018); Venue: Seminar Hall of M.E. Dept., NIT Silchar
Photo Gallery of NIT Silchar's XVI Convocation-2018
Webcast of NIT Silchar's XVI Convocation-2018 (on 23-06-2018)
XVI Convocation of NIT Silchar held on 23rd June, 2018
Brochure of - GIAN course on "Resource Recovery: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment" (27-31 August, 2018)
"National Conference on Advances in Structural Technologies (CoAST-2019)" (1-3 February, 2019)
Documents Related to Renewal of Work Visa for Kuwait
NIRF-2018 Documents