GeM Bid Notification dtd. 13.05.2022
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 12.05.2022
GeM Bid notification dtd. 04.05.2022
E- tender notification no. 2022-23 03.pdf
E-tender notification for date extension, dtd. 04.05.2022
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 28.04.2022
Notification e-tender date extension dtd. 28.04.2022
GeM Bid notification dtd. 26.04.2022
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 25.04.2022
Corrigendum notification of E-tender No. 2022-23 01
Date extension of e-Tender notice dtd.13.04.2022
E- tender notification no. 2022-23 02
E-tender notification no. 2022-23 01
Corrigendum notice against E- tender no. NIT-E/Estate/2021-22/19 dt. 23.03.2022
E-tender notification no. 2021-22 21
E-tender notification no. 2021-22 20
E-tender notification no. 2021-22 19
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 29.03.2022
CORRIGENDUM notification Dtd.29.03.2022(PS-116-CCC)
E-tender notification dtd. 21.03.2022
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 22.03.2022
Gem Bid Notification dtd. 22.03.2022
Notification of e-tender dtd. 15.03.2022
e-Tender CANCELLATION notice dtd.15.03.2022
E-tender notification no. 2021-22 17
Notification dtd. 04.03.2022 for cancellation of E-Tender - (PS-109-110)
E-tender notification no. 2021-22 16
GeM Bid notification dtd. 17.02.2022
GeM Bid Notification Dtd.15.02.2022
GeM Bid Notification dtd.14.02.2022
E-tender notification no. 2021-22 15
Cancellation notification of e-tender, Dtd.03.02.2022
Corrigendum notification dtd 30/11/2021
GeM Bid notification Dtd. 10.02.2022
GeM bid Notification Dtd.07.02.2022
E-tender notice no NIT-E/Estate/2021-22/14 dated:31/1/2022
Corrigendum notification of E-tender no. 2021-22 10
E-tender notificaton no. 2021-22 13
GeM Bid Notification Dtd. 19.01.2022
GeM Bid Notification for purchase of Spilt AC, Lead acid Batteries, Mutfunction Machine MFM (PS-222, 223,224) dtd 03.01.2022
GeM Bid Notification for purchase of High Performance Power Supplies (PS-221) dtd 31.12.2021
Date extension for the tenders (PS-112, 113) Annual Report, Controller Boards
GeM Bid notification dtd. 24.12.2021
Notification of E-tender no NIT-E/Estate/2021-22/12 dated:16/12/2021
Corrigendum notification dtd.15.12.2021(PS-111-et)
Cancellation notification of e-tender
Notification for e-tender corrigendum dtd. 08.12.2021
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 03.12.2021
Notification on Material E-tender no. 2021-22 10
GeM Bid notification dtd. 01.12.2021
e-Tender Notification dtd. 29.11.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 29.11.2021
Notice Inviting e-Tender No-09
GeM Bid notification dtd. 24.11.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 25.11.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 15.11.2021
GeM bid notification dtd. 16.11.2021
Corriegendum notice against NIT no.NIT/E/Estate/2021-22/08 dated:29/10/2021
Notification of e-tender number NIT-E/Estate/2021-22/08 dated:29/10/2021
GeM Bid CANCELLATION Notice dtd. 25.10.2021
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 07.10.2021
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 06.10.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 29.09.2021
E-tender No. NIT-E/Estate/2021-22/07
GeM Bid notification dtd. 24.09.2021
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 23.09.2021
GeM Bid Notification Dtd. 20.09.2021
GeM Bid Notification Dtd. 14.09.2021
GeM Bid Notification Dtd. 15.09.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 09.09.2021
E-Tender Cancellation Notice dtd. 08.09.2021
GeM bid notification dtd. 02.09.2021
E-Tender Notification dtd. 23.08.2021
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 20.08.2021
E-tender No. NIT-E/Estate/2021-22/06
CANCELLATION of E-Tender Notice, Dtd.04.08.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 29.07.2021
E tender notification 2021-22/05
E tender notification 2021-22/04
GeM Bid notification dtd. 28.07.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 26.07.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 19.07.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 20.07.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 16.07.2021
GeM bid notification dtd. 15.07.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 13.07.2021
CANCELLATION Notice of E-Tender (PS-47-ECE), dtd. 08.07.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 06.07.2021
E-tender no. NIT No. NIT-E/Estate/2021-22/03
Cancellation of e-Tender notice
Date extension notice dtd. 25.06.2021
E-tender notification, May 2021
Corrigendum notice against e-tender no. vide: NIT-E/Estate/2021-22/01
Date extension notification of e-tender no. PS-103-CE, dtd. 23.04.2021
Civil e-tender notification no. 2021 22 02
Material E-tender notification no. 2021-22 01
Date Extension of e-tender, dtd. 16.04.2021
CORRIGENDUM notification, dtd. 12.04.2021
E-Tender CANCELLATION Notice, dtd.16.04.2021 (PS-93-ME)
GeM Bid CANCELLATION notice dtd. 13.04.2021
E-tender CORRIGENDUM notice, dtd. 08.04.2021
E-Tender CORRIGENDUM dtd. 05.04.2021
E-Tender Cancellation Notice, dtd. 05.04.2021
E-Tender CANCELLATION Notice, dtd. 02.03.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 30.03.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 25.03.2021
Gem Bid notification dtd 23.03.2021 (Drinking Water Cooler, UPS)
Gem Bid notification dtd 22.03.2021 (Lead Acid Batteries, Auditorium Chairs)
Corrigendum notification regarding e-Tender
e-tender notification no. 2020-21-09 dt. 19.03.2021
E-Tender notification, dtd.19.03.2021
e-tender CORRIGENDUM Notification (PS-68-ME) dtd.17.03.2021
E-Tender cancellation notice, dtd. 18.03.2021
Ministry's Order dated 18.08.2020 whereby the name of Ministry of Human Resources Development has been officially changed to Ministry of Education (Shiksha Mantralaya).
e-Tender Date extension notice dtd. 15.03.2021
e-Tender CANCELLATION notice dtd. 15.03.2021
Cancellation notification of e-Tender
e-Tender notification-Supply and installation of Software dtd 12.03.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 11.03.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 12.03.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd 10.03.2021- 20KVA UPS(PS-173)
E-Tender Date extension notice(ii) dtd. 09.03.2021
Notification of date extension of e-tender (PS-38/CSE-67-68-678/ME)
Cancellation of e-tender-Grid Simulator- (PS-79-EE) dated 02.03.2021
E-Tender Date extension notice dtd .05.03.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 04.03.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 26.02.2021
e-Tender notification dtd. 2020-21-08
GeM Bid notification dtd. 19.02.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 17.02.2021
e-Tender Cancellation notice dtd. 09.02.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 11.02.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 09.02.2021
e-Tender notification dtd. 09.02.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 08.02.2021
GeM Bid notification dtd. 06.02.2021
e-Tender notification dtd.03.02.2021
Corrigendum Notice against E-tender No. 2020-21-07
Notice regarding of e-tender cancellation
E-tender notice no. 2020-21 07
Notice regarding of e-tender
Cancellation notice of eTender
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 06.01.2021
Extension of e-tender-Notifications -PS-32-80-81-84-87-88-89-90
GeM bid notification dtd. 31.12.2020
Notification of E-tender dtd. 2020.06.21
Extension of e-tender notification dtd. 30 December 2020
GeM Bid notification dtd. 30.12.2020
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 21.12.2020
GeM Bid notification dtd.15.12.2020
Tender Notification 15 Dec 2020
e-tender (PS-62-ME) CANCELLATION notice dtd. 11.12.2020
Tender notice no. NIT-E/ESTATE/2020-21/05
Tender Notification dtd. 02.12.2020
Notice regarding CANCELLATION of e-tender (PS-643-ME & 75-CCC)
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 01.12.2020
Security Notice Inviting Tender No: NIT-E/Estate/2020-21/04 Date: 28/11/2020
GeM Bid notification dtd. 27.11.2020
Gem Bid Notification dtd.18.11.2020
Notification of E-tender No. 2020-21/03
GeM Bid notification dtd.13.10.2020
Tender Cancellation Notification
GeM Bid notification dtd. 07.10.2020
e-tender Notice no. NIT-E/Estate/2020-21/02 dt. 01.10.2020
GeM Bid Notification dtd. 29.09.2020
Cancellation notification of tender dated 21 Sep 2020
Corrigendum notification of tender dated 11 Sep 2020
GeM Bid notification dtd 04.09.2020
GeM Bid notification dtd.28.08.2020
e-Tender notification, dated 25 August 2020
Notification of Tender Cancellation, Dtd 24.08.2020
GeM Bid notification dtd. 31.07.2020
Cancellation notification of tender PS-621-703-EE
Corrigendum notice against e-tender no. 2020-21/01
Cacellation Notification e-Tenders, dtd. 18.06.2020