About us

The T&P(Training and Placement) Cell of NIT Silchar not only acts as a facilitator for training and placement but also works towards overall development of the students. It works under the guidance of the Training and Placement Officer in consultation with FIC. It primarily works as a liaison between industry and institute. T&P Cell is well equipped with excellent infrastructure to support each and every stage of the placement processes.

From The Director’s Desk

Since its inception NIT Silchar has a vision to provide quality technical education and to act as a centre of excellence for engineering and scientific research. Today NIT Silchar is considered a national brand and in attaining this position, a major contribution has come from our faculty and staffs as well our students and the alumni. NIT Silchar is now considered as one of the best institutes in the whole country in terms of placements and overall performance.

Our study programmes, here at NIT Silchar, are designed to instil leadership, teamwork and global focus among learners. The undergraduate and the Postgraduate as well as the Ph.D. programmes are continuously and closely monitored and regularly revised to include latest trend-setting technological theories and practices.

I cordially invite organisations and corporations to come and test the skills of the young pool of talents and develop a long lasting bond with our institute.

Prof. (Dr.) Sivaji Bandyopadhyay DIRECTOR, NIT Silchar

From Faculty In-Charge Desk

NIT Silchar is one of the oldest T-schools in the country and the oldest in this region. We had the privilege to host more than 100 companies in 2016-17 session culminating in more than 95 percent placement. The Industry Institute linkage is getting cemented over the years. The courses here are regularly restructured to meet the ever-changing industry requirement. The institute now offers Masters and PhD programmes in all branches. We have further broadened the scope of education through the inception of our very own MBA department. We earnestly request you to be a part of the NIT Silchar community and contribute your share by way of taking an active part in building the industry-institute interface which can only help maintain our competitive edge.

The technical class we are training today will be the problem solvers and visionaries of tomorrow.

Dr. N.B. Dev Choudhury Faculty-in-Charge, T&P Cell

Summary of Current Placement Statistics (2018-2019)

Highest Package: B.Tech. 32.5 LPA, M.Tech. 8 LPA and MBA 5.75 LPA.
Average Package: B.Tech. 6.29 LPA, M.Tech. 5.6 LPA and MBA 3.69 LPA

LPA- Lakhs Per Annum
Total number of students 113 110 106 112 97 52 33 19 183 590 (B.Tech.)
Total no. of eligible students (CPI 6.5 & above) 89 91 72 89 *77 43 33 13 182 461 (B.Tech.)
Total no. of job offers (till date) 88 90 68 120 126 45 61 5 27 537 (B.Tech.)
Total no. of job placed 69 68 54 87 *82 37 32 5 24 397 (B.Tech.)
Average job placed % 77.52 74.72 75 97.25 106.49 86.05 96.96 38.46 13.18 86.12 (B.Tech.)
Average job offer % 98.87 98.90 94.44 134.38 163.63 104.65 184.85 38.46 14.75 116.48 (B.Tech.)
Average Salary in LPA 4.95 5.16 5.96 6.38 8.70 6.03 3.69 4.41 5.3 6.40 (B.Tech.)
Median Salary in LPA 5.13 6 6 6.4 6.53 6.5 4 4.2 6 6.27 (B.Tech.)
* Below 6.5 pointer got placed